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I'm Elizabeth! A wedding and portrait photographer based out Lewis Run, PA and the surrounding areas. If you're located outside of those areas, I am available for travel!

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Hi there, I'm Elizabeth! A wedding & portrait photographer based in Lewis Run and Bradford Pennsylvania, but I'm up for traveling worldwide to help make your wedding day dreams come true! I have a passion for capturing love stories for sweet couples. Want to be one of them?



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April 21, 2020


5 Tips for your Wedding RSVP Cards | Wedding Wednesday

Hey, you gorgeous brides and welcome to another amazing #WeddingWednesday! Even if you’re not a bride, welcome! Today we’re going to be going over RSVP cards. I get a lot of questions involving RSVP cards, so I figured I should do an entire blog post about them. Many often dread getting to this part of the wedding planning process, but I’m here to tell you it can be very, very simple with these few steps!

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Let’s start with the timing.

The timing of when you send your RSVP cards is the BIGGEST key to eliminate stress for you two! If you send these out too early, your guests will forget about them. Send them out too late, and the stress will set in because you have not given your friends and family enough time to respond. This is one big reason why I highly recommend sending out Save the Dates!

Typically, you want to send your RSVP cards out 8-12 weeks before your wedding date (included with your invitations), with a deadline to respond 4+ weeks. This way, you are not giving your friends and family too much time to sit on the RSVP, lose it, etc. This also gives you plenty of time to follow up if necessary.



Being organized with your RSVP cards is another big one! One thing I recommend to do is to create a spreadsheet of all of the RSVPs, with addresses and numbers as well. When you send out the RSVP’s, make sure you number the cards that matches the number on the spreadsheet! This will help if people forget to add their address to the return envelope or don’t put their name on the RSVP card. Yes, it does happen!


Let’s be real, even with these tips, people will simply not send the card back for a variety of reasons. Believe me, you spent money on these RSVP’s, you want to see them come back to you! But, I think if you embrace technology and give options, it will cause you a lot less headache in the long run. So, on your RSVP card in the notes, leave an email address or wedding website that you can have them also go on and RSVP as well! The Knot or Minted are great for this! This is great for guests to just hop on and RSVP for themselves and their entire family!


Best part?


You can order a hand full of invites for your older guests, like Grandparents, etc. so they can physically respond, then still have others respond online. Either way, it’s completely up to the two of you!



If you are sending RSVP cards the traditional way, don’t forget to prepay for postage on the reply cards! This is a common curtesy to do, and you don’t want a stamp to be a reason that they do not send back the RSVP cards! Make sure you have the proper amount of postage as well!


It is okay to follow up with your guests! I always say to follow up kindly. Sometimes, people do simply forget! A nice nudge text or even pick up the phone and give them a call is the way to go!



**Don’t forget to save a set of your RSVP cards and invitations to bring with you on your wedding day so they can be photographed with your wedding details!

That’s it! I hope these tips help you out during your final months of wedding planning! RSVP cards can be tricky, but they don’t have to be!


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I love reading your comments! Thank you for participating in the community. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family!


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