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I'm Elizabeth! A wedding and portrait photographer based out Lewis Run, PA and the surrounding areas. If you're located outside of those areas, I am available for travel!

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Hi there, I'm Elizabeth! A wedding & portrait photographer based in Lewis Run and Bradford Pennsylvania, but I'm up for traveling worldwide to help make your wedding day dreams come true! I have a passion for capturing love stories for sweet couples. Want to be one of them?



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February 19, 2020

You’re Engaged!! YAY! Now what?!

There are millions of couples who get engaged every single year. Those brides are looking down at their gorgeous engagement ring right now, daydreaming of what their dresses will look like, their gorgeous florals, and when they’ll say I Do to the loves of their lives!
You may be one of them! But as you’re sitting there, you may also have a list of what should you be doing now!! Trust me, the stresses of wedding planning will hit, so I wanted to share some tips with you on what you should do now that you are engaged! As a wedding photographer, these tips are tips that I have picked up along the way, or I know other brides wished that they knew!

Tell your people! 

I’m guessing by now you have probably posted a gorgeous ring selfie on Instagram and Facebook, hash tagging things like #wereengaged #ido #isaidyes, and more! But, make sure you pick up the phone! CALL your family, parents, best friends and tell them about how it happened! As you are telling everyone about this special moment, write it down the way it happened. Write this memory down in a journal or dairy. This way you will remember all of the details, so one day, you can relive this story with your children and grandchildren!

Get your bling sized!

You now have this gorgeous diamond on your ring finger! Please make sure it fits! I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard being in the wedding industry of women losing their rings down the drain, at the grocery store, at the gym, because their ring didn’t fit!! Don’t be one of them! If you can’t get it sized immediately, order these Ring Snuggies for the meantime! A quick fix that will keep that gorgeous ring in place!

Get that thing insured!

Speaking of the unthinkable, get your ring insured! I have heard of people insuring through banks and under personal property insurance. A few dollars can save you so many headaches. You can also get warranties and such through your jewelers!

Start thinking about dates!

So, remember in the beginning when I mentioned the millions of couples who get engaged every single year?! Then that means they are all in need of wedding vendors, photographers, florists, and so on! You’ll need to take some moments to sit down with your fiance and start talking and thinking about your photographer (cough, cough), florists, and vendors. This way, you are ahead of the game and can lock down the vendors you love! Remember, there is a thing known as engagement season, so every vendor will be in high demand!

Talk about a budget!

After you chat about dates, the next thing is a budget! I know, wedding planning is stressful!! If someone tells you that it’s not stressful, they are LYING to you!! Remember that this day is for the BOTH of you. Try putting things down on paper as a rough draft. Think about everything from venue ideas to florists and everything in between. Now, that doesn’t mean things are set in stone, but at least the both of you will have a good idea of where you would like to be for your budget.

Make sure to enjoy this!

Finally, please try to enjoy these moments! You will probably want to spend some moments just being engaged and being together, and you know what, THAT’S OKAY! But please be prepared for people to walk up to you and ask, “When’s the wedding?” “Where are you having it?” and so on. Make sure to take a night or two out with your fiance to relax and enjoy one another! These are special moments in your lives, but sometimes just nights out together can get lost! Remember to do things they way YOU TWO want them. Pick the vendors that YOU TWO want because you LOVE them and they speak to you.

I love reading your comments! Thank you for participating in the community. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family!


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