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I'm Elizabeth! A wedding and portrait photographer based out Lewis Run, PA and the surrounding areas. If you're located outside of those areas, I am available for travel!

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Hi there, I'm Elizabeth! A wedding & portrait photographer based in Lewis Run and Bradford Pennsylvania, but I'm up for traveling worldwide to help make your wedding day dreams come true! I have a passion for capturing love stories for sweet couples. Want to be one of them?



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February 5, 2020

Wedding Wednesday

It’s probably not secret that I absolutely LOVE my EBP Brides!! Literally!! Almost every single weekend I’m reminded again and again how amazing it is to not only have the opportunity to photograph their weddings, but form actual relationships with my couples! They always allow me to be different and creative and give me the time to shoot what I need to shoot. That’s why my couples walk away with galleries that have hundreds and hundreds of images!!

That being said, there’s always SO MUCH to think about on a wedding day and since it’s #WeddingWednesday, I’m here to share with you another tip to help out not only my amazing EBP Brides, but brides in general!

This week, I wanted to share FIVE things that some brides end up forgetting on their wedding day! I know it’s never intentional.. things just happen to end up slipping through the cracks and honestly, it’s completely understandable! I mean, realistically, just THINK about all the stuff brides have going on! A little reminder is always nice so enjoy!! :


5 things most brides forget! :

1. Bouquets need to be delivered to YOU, not the church/ceremony location.
This is SO easy to forget and it’s totally fine if it does end up happening! However, if you can remember to have your bouquets delivered to where you are getting ready, you’ll be able to have detail shots with your florals, which is the BEST! Even if you’re not sharing a first look, I will still need your bouquets! Same for the boutonnieres!

2. Don’t give the wedding bands to the best man! You’ll need ALL three for detail pictures.
I know, every wedding planning book says to give the best man the rings to hold onto before the ceremony, but that actually isn’t ideal for your detail pictures! We want to make sure your detail images coordinate together and that will happen if I get to shoot ALL your details together at the start of the day!

3. Try sitting down in your dress before the wedding!
This sounds silly, but it’s actually a thing! I’ve had quite a few brides not be able to sit for dinner because of how tight their dress was! It was hard to BREATH when they sat down! So try your dress on beforehand and try sitting to make sure it’s possible! This is especially important if you’re having a sit down dinner!

4. If you’re wearing heels, get yourself some heel stoppers!
If you’re wearing heels, my best advice is to invest in some heel stoppers! Everyone, including me, LOVES those natural portraits in the field or under those gorgeous trees, but some brides forget that their beautiful heels are going to SINK on their walk out to the their portrait location. So, I recommend having a spare pair of flats or some HEEL STOPPERS to save the day!

5. You can’t see little imperfections in photos!
Brides, please trust me, if you remember any of these tips – PLEASE remember this last and final one! Tiny imperfections do not show up in your portraits. If you have a little dirt on your dress, it’s really okay. If something does happen and you have a little imperfection, don’t stress! I’ve had so many brides go down the aisle with a little spot here or there and I guarantee you can’t pick out those weddings on the blog! 🙂 So don’t let that stress you out or cause you any worry. It’s ALL good, I promise! You’re going to look beautiful!!!!

Here’s a little extra tip for you! ENJOY your day! Stop to take in what’s happening! You’ll remember so much more of it if you enjoy specific moments throughout these special times that are happening!

I love reading your comments! Thank you for participating in the community. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family!


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