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I'm Elizabeth! An elopement and portrait photographer based out Lewis Run, PA and the surrounding areas. If you're located outside of those areas, I am available for travel!

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Hi there, I'm Elizabeth! An elopement & portrait photographer based in Lewis Run and Bradford Pennsylvania, but I'm up for traveling worldwide to help make your wedding day dreams come true! I have a passion for capturing not only love stories, but any portraits! Want to be one of them?

7 Wedding Moments I Live For


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December 19, 2018

Being a wedding photographer for the past 3 years, I have gotten the chance to photograph countless weddings and couples. There are a few parts of their special days that always stick out to me as my favorites and reasons why I live for being a photographer.

1) Groom Details. I live for photographing the Groom’s details. Why? Because they are the most simple, yet amazing details. Socks. Shoes. Ties. Watches. Flasks? Why not. For me, it sets the “tone” for how the Groom & Groomsmen will be. Does that make sense? Probably not. Usually if they’ve got alcohol flowing and shots ready, it’s going to be a good day. Am I allowed to say that?


2) The First Look. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Groom’s first time seeing you, your Father, or your Son. I. Love. It. All. There’s tons of smiling, laughter and lots and lots of tears. I’m also usually behind the camera sobbing myself. It’s such a sweet time and I love capturing every moment of it. Just to see the look on their faces that simply say “Wow!” without even needing to say a word. Those are the moments.

3) Bridesmaids getting the Bride ready. Always a favorite of mine! When that gorgeous Bride has her dress on (finally!) after months and months of dress shopping, trying 100 different dresses on – here we are. This is the dress she chose to say “I do” in. Sometimes the dresses are mermaid style with tons of sequins, or sometimes it’s a big ball gown with lace over top. No matter what, girl, you are rockin’ that dress!


4) Gift Exchange. Some of my #EBPCouples do this and some do not, but when they do, I am the first one in line to see! My couples sometime open gifts from one another, read letters and notes, or both. No matter what, here I am again, crying in the corner, while trying to keep it together because there’s video footage. One thing I know about these moments, I have the sweetest couples ever! I mean, really. Listening to them express their love for one another holds a special place in my heart.



5) The First Kiss. Aww, yes, the kiss! Who could forget that? The first official kiss as the newlyweds. Everyone is so excited, so happy and usually clapping and crying over this moment. I have captured so many different emotions during this time and I love it! The entire day has come down to this one moment. This one kiss. And it’s a blessing for me to even be there, let alone capture it.

6) Portraits. Okay, okay, I may be partial to this part because I am a wedding photographer, BUT, in my defense, who doesn’t like looking at the portraits of the newlyweds?! That’s what I thought. 😉 With so many different locations for weddings, I live for the fact that there’s always somewhere different for the portraits to be captured. We may be at church, at a hotel, outside in a State Park, or standing by a waterfall!


7) The Dances. My last and final moment that I live for – the dances. Those special moments with your Father, Uncle, Mother, Aunt, Godmother, and of course, the love of your life. I think what I love so much about the dances is they are never the same. Some couples choose to do the dances, some don’t. Some dance with their Father, some dance with their Uncle. Some dance with their Mother, some dance with their Godmother or family friend. Why? Because no family is the same – and I love that.


Attending a wedding, photographing a wedding, being in a wedding – what are you favorite parts of the wedding day?

I love reading your comments! Thank you for participating in the community. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family!


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